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      HealthCare Professionals

      AusHealth Staffing Solutions (AusHealth) is an Australian based recruitment and training organisation with international branches to provide holistic services in health and social care staffing.  At AusHealth, we offer a unique approach in our method of supporting your recruitment, training, and upskilling requirements.


      At AusHealth, we primarily focus on providing comprehensive workforce solutions to our clients in a partnership approach. AusHealth Recruitment has access to both a local and global network of candidates to provide a seamless solution for your staffing requirements.


      AusHealth can offer highly professional and comprehensive Australian Qualifications Training Packages to support your organisational qualifications needs within the health care Industry. We have a range of options to accommodate, such as online, in house training, or on-site at one of our locations.

      Skills Development

      AusHealth delivers skills development solutions for personnel who are already engaged or planning to work in the Healthcare Industry as well as for schools and the individual. Our accredited courses are an ideal option for organisations wishing to upskill their existing or future staff to current industry standards.

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      Why choose AusHealth
      Staffing Solutions

      Cost-Effective Approach

      AusHealth services provide significant savings in recruitment and employee training costs. Reducing the effort and time allocated to recruitment to be optimised elsewhere within the organisation.

      Increased Productivity and Effectiveness

      Expanding your workforce is highly advantageous to existing staff; otherwise, service productivity may not be done, ranging from promotion, market research, process maps etc. Having enough staff to cover all aspects of your organisation enables and empowers your employees to focus their skills and talents at a higher and more conscientious level.

      Broadened Capabilities

      Our Candidates are able to demonstrate new knowledge and skills that are in line with contemporary industry standards that current employees may not have; this can range from technological, exploratory skills or insights about the latest academic methodologies and how they can be utilised to advance your organisation.

      Injected Enthusiasm

      The addition of new personnel to your existing workforce can bring many benefits including added vibrancy, fresh ideas and positive energy that will have a valuable effect on workplace morale, motivation and creativity.

      Job Ready Advantage

      Our tailored programs allow us to pre-qualify and pre-train potential employees according to the specific needs of your organisation. By securing some of the best talents before they hit the ‘open market’, this enables you to have a job-ready employee, ready and able to apply their skillset from the onset of their employment within your organisation.

      International Network

      Grow your international and multicultural network, locally and globally. Introduce your organisation to global technologies, skill sets, and methodologies, preparing yourself for a multicultural global future. Maximise your client base and potential opportunities as you are able to deliver and confidently meet specific requests.

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      Who we are

      Recruitment Agency

      AusHealth can assist your organisation by supplying you with qualified staff from Australia and from their global network of talent.  Take the hassle out of your recruitment process and allow us to supply you with staff that is a perfect fit for your organisation.

      Should you require candidates to be upskilled in a certain qualification prior to their employment with your organisation, AusHealth will be happy to create and base a program constructed and designed around your needs. Ensuring that your organisation is provided with a candidate that is the perfect fit for you.

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