What types of trainings AusHealth provides?

We can offer highly professional and comprehensive Australian Qualifications Training Packages to support your organisational qualifications needs within the health care Industry. All our courses have been individually crafted to address individual sector and training gaps, allowing organisations to achieve their operational goals.

  • On-line trainings
  • In-house trainings
  • On-site trainings

How Aushealth delivers these trainings?

We have competency training for all levels of staff.  Our approach supports Employee Engagement with a focus on competency and confidence.

Once deemed eligible after a rigorous pre-assessment, our directly sourced international Candidates are enrolled in one of our specialised training programs. AusHealth then focus on having the candidate upskilled, trained, and qualified to meet the current levels and standards within the Australian Aged Care and NDIS industries, so that the specific requirements of your organisation are met.

With training resources that are regularly updated to meet industry standards, we have courses that are suitable for all levels of your employees.  We are able to provide an organisational development plan to assist your company in selecting packages that would best enable your employees to engage at their full potential.

Job Satisfaction

Organisations can boost morale and job satisfaction of the workforce with rigorous trainings


Innovation in strategies and products can be increase because of trainings

Personal Growth

Increase in efficiencies in processes and thinking strategies resulting in personal growth


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