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Australian HealthCare Recruitment Agency

AusHealth Staffing Solutions (AusHealth) is an Australian based recruitment and training organisation with international branches to provide holistic services in health and social care staffing.  At AusHealth, we offer a unique approach in our method of supporting your recruitment, training, and upskilling requirements.

We focus on providing complete staffing solutions from allocating providing Health and Wellbeing staff as well as providing accredited training and upskilling of existing workers to meet the new standards in Home and Disability Care.

We provide the training necessary for our candidates to be the precise match for your organisation’s requirements. This multi-dimensional approach, in conjunction with a team of dedicated staff, has contributed to AusHealth’s reputation as a leading provider of all-inclusive staffing solutions.

This combination provides a seamless workforce solution for our clients.

What we do?

Unique Approach of AusHealth

We take a sequential approach in how we assist your organisation by providing for your staffing needs from end to end.  We recognise that an organisation is only as good as it’s front line employees.

We specialise in not only providing recruitment solutions, but also an individually tailored approach in supplying the necessary training for new and potential employees, as well as the upskilling of existing employees to meet the new standards in the Aged Care and Disability industry.

We are experts at finding highly accomplished staff you deserve in your organisation, having an extensive pool of talent from not only our local candidate database but also from our international division.  Our specialists are authorities on being able to source talent from various industry sectors.

Our Training and Skills Development team assists organisations in meeting and adapting to changes in the standards for Aged Care and NDIS Practice. Skills Development can influence an organisation’s future success. Being able to meet the quality standards of industry and practice allows a business to maintain both a sustainable and competitive edge in the Healthcare sector.

At AusHealth, we primarily focus on providing comprehensive people resource solutions to our clients in a partnership approach. AusHealth Recruitment has access to both local and global network of candidates to provide a seamless solution for your staffing requirements.

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