Advantages of employing overseas workers on Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa(TSS 482 VISA)

AusHealth offers employers the opportunity to nominate an overseas worker under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS) subclass 482. Some of the advantages of using this program include:

Workforce Stability: Overseas workers employed on TSS SC 482 visas are attached to the employer for the duration of the visa (exemptions may apply).

This ensures workforce stability for growing businesses that are always concerned about losing employees to competition and overall high turnover of local employees.

Higher levels of Economy: Overseas workers employed on TSS SC 482 visas have a fixed employment remuneration negotiated at the beginning of their 2-4-year contracts.

Though in some instances the initial recruitment and visa costs may be higher, businesses can be assured that there would be no ongoing costs in terms of wages hike during the period of their employment on TSS visa, as businesses commit to a salary to the Dept of Immigration

Foreign Workers have better skills: For a country like Australia, over 50% of the overall workforce is made of people who have been trained overseas. The ageing population is on the rise, and the younger population is not so talented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as businesses and companies want them to be. The high education cost doesn’t help the case either.

And so, Australian companies have no choice but to hire experienced and trained foreign workers to get the job done. Employing workers on a TSS SC 482 visa means you are guaranteed of getting workers with the latest skills.

Overseas workers are Hardworking and open to New Challenges: The chances of getting a foreign national who is not serious about his or her work are small. They are always committed to their work. Foreign workers are exposed to both countries of living and working conditions. The experience of diverse work cultures gives foreign workers an edge over local talent.

The cross-cultural work experience helps your international team blend in effortlessly. Besides, foreign workers are already working outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, just think about how determined and resilient they would be to new challenges. If they can be a success working with a diverse work culture, then success can come quickly to new work challenges too.

Increased Productivity: Working with a diverse workforce makes you think outside the box. Foreign workers mingle with different personalities and work outside of their comfort zones. This makes your international team adaptable to different leadership styles and units.

They are flexible, and this kind of out of box thinking and flexibility is what boosts productivity. Your international team is motivated and ambitious. You can have them work independently or put them in diverse groups, either way. Foreign workers show determination and resilience to work under any circumstance.

Diversity is the Key: More than ever, and it is now that diversity plays a vital role in any business and economy. It is so necessary for companies to look at problems and think of solutions in a myriad of ways. You need fresh perspectives on those different from what you were traditionally taught to believe. Foreign workers come from diverse backgrounds, culture, and upbringing. The modified work ethics and set of skills also add to your profitability. Diversity is key to success for any business nowadays.

Foreign Workers Increase team diversity: The team in your company will be diverse. The different cultural backgrounds and languages are valuable. Your company can use it to its advantage. In Australia, based on the Department of Home Affairs data, found 1.88 million people were holding temporary visas in Australia in March 2019, of which approximately 1.4 million carried work rights. The result is an essential cross-cultural integration.

Cross-cultural competence in a small firm can give it a clear advantage over other companies when competing for international markets. It can also provide the company with a unique feel.

Businesses need to compete globally, and your team is expected to engage with foreign clients, investors, and other stakeholders. You even have to think global and function in an international market. So, with the changing dynamics of the workforce means that hiring your team internationally makes the most sense. Have you taken advantage of these varied and wide-ranging benefits of hiring foreign workers, yet?

How has it worked for you? Let us help you take benefit of the Government’s TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) SC 482 visas.

Assistance in all Visa related subjects

  • We can offer support and guidance for our Employers in becoming an approved temporary activity sponsor with the help of our recommended registered migration specialist.
  • Our registered migration specialist is also available to assist our Employers in applying for a nomination application to provide workplace-based training under the Occupational Trainee Stream.