• Part Time
  • Sydney

Job Overview:

Provide friendly, compassionate support to the elderly by helping with daily living, personal care and hygiene. Typical duties include showering, dressing and eating. Arrange and supervise activities designed to enhance physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Assist in household or centre based duties such as tidying, housecleaning and the like.
Responsibilities and Duties
• Tend to any personal care needs of the individual as required in a respectful and caring manner
• Maintain standards of confidentiality while relating to clients, families, carers, colleagues and others as appropriate
• A team player with strong organisational skills, adaptable and able to solve problems, enthusiastic and supportive team members.
• Maintain accurate and legible records of all administrative functions of the programs and are submitted within allocated timeframes
• Adhere to all policies and procedures
• All concerns are reported to team leader/manager

Qualifications and Experience:

• Minimum Certificate III in aged care/disability services
• Demonstrated experience working in aged care or disability services
• Patient, flexible and understanding
• Supportive and caring nature
• Commitment to the rights of the elderly to live dignified lives
• Able to accept responsibility
• Good communication skills
• Able to work as part of a team
• Able to cope with the physical demands of the job
• Able to perform domestic jobs efficiently
• Have completed a First Aid and a Federal police check

Our commitment to safeguarding:
To Protect our Clients:

Our client is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all the people we provide support and care to vulnerable individuals. While we are processing the applications for one of our client will take further measures to protect our respectful Seniors and Individual with disability by implementing below steps:
• All the references in relation to direct client letter of recommendation will be processed through scam and forgery checking system
• The job opportunity will be placed on the approval of mandatory documents check to assure the security and protection of our clients.
• Mandatory document can be listed as Police check (at least 3 months validation),
• Working with Children Card,
• And any other Criminal history check. Depending on the job description and responsibility, additional documents such as International police check might be required.
• Further notice will be arranged for individual cases.

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